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Gluten Free Gingerbread

Gingerbread is so good and fun to bake. Crunchy and delicious. In my native Finland it is baked in nearly every house every Christmas. I also make gingerbread houses out of it! Gluten free gingerbread can be a bit tricky without some changes to the traditional recipe. The traditional recipe is made with a dark syrup that contains molasses. I find gluten free gingerbread made this way crumbles very easily. I swap the syrup for soft brown sugar like you normally would make cookies with. It works with light and dark, the choice is yours. I've baked mine with the light brown sugar. Cardamon really makes it Scandinavian gingerbread for me. If you are not a fan, you can leave...

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Gluten Free Christmas Pastries

Gluten free pastries can be difficult to make. They easily crumble or get too rubbery. Pastry in general is a form of art that requires a lot patience and time. These Christmas pastries have a different kind of pastry. The dough contains quark. This make them really moist and easier to make than a puff pastry that requires a lot of chilling and rolling. This one is as simple as measuring the ingredients and mixing it all up. The filling contains only prunes. You can add sugar if you want but it's not necessary if you want to avoid added sugar. Also if you have an egg allergy these would be suitable since they contain no eggs.    I add...

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Gluten Free Snack Bars

Snack bars are great when you need a little afternoon pick me up, quick grab and go breakfast or a lunch box filler for the kids. These normally disappear way too quickly in our house. I used to buy loads of snack bars before but I wasn't that happy about the oils or sugar contents in them and also most them seem to contain certain nuts or seeds I can't eat. These snack bars are super easy to make and they'll cost a fraction of the ready made ones. You also get to make them just as you like them.  To make as little washing up as possible I measure these in a measuring jug which is why the ingredients...

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Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

I love Hot Cross buns they are one of my favourite things to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee. Traditional Hot Cross buns are made with strong bread flour even when they are gluten free, but gluten free bread flour can be hard to source or you don't just want to buy a whole bag for one bake. Hot Cross buns have always reminded me of Scandinavian cinnamon rolls without the fruits and I thought why you couldn't make them with normal gluten free plain flour blend? The end result is  delicious gluten free Hot Cross buns that you need to try.    Ingredients 300 ml warm whole milk 85 g caster sugar 125 g butter, room temperature 2...

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