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Gluten Free Apple Pie

As a Finn coffee has always been a big part of our culture and we drink the most of in the world. No surprises there considering, how dark and cold it gets in the winter. You need something nice to have with your hot cuppa which is why we tend to have few simple recipes that can be made in half an hour if a friend is popping over for a coffee.

The traditional Finnish apple pie is more of what others would probably call a cake. In Ireland you would use pastry as your dough but the Finnish alternative is made with an easier and wetter dough. Anyone who has done any gluten free baking knows that wetter dough equals to a softer and tastier finished bake. You also won't need any special pans, the baking tray in your oven is perfect for this. 

You can serve it with vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream if you want. I like it just as it is with a hot cup of coffee.

Let me know in the comments if you made this and enjoyed it.  




Gluten Free Apple Pie

Makes one oven tray 

3 eggs, organic free range preferably 

100 g butter, salted

215 g + 2 tbsp sugar

150 ml milk/ dairy-free alternative

300 g Gluten Free White Flour Blend (I use Doves Farm)

1,5 tsp Gluten Free baking powder

3-4 medium size apples

ground cinnamon 

(1 tsp ground cardamon, optional)


1. Heat your oven to 225°C. Take the oven tray out before you turn the oven on.

2. Melt butter with milk in a small pan.

3. Whip eggs and 215 g sugar with a hand mixer or in a standing mixer until you can draw number eight on top of the mix. 

4. Measure your flour and mix the baking powder with it.

5. Alternate between the flour and milk/butter mixture when adding it to the egg/sugar mixture. 

6. Add 1 tsp of ground cardamon if using.

7. Add a baking parchment paper on top of your oven tray and pour the mixture. Spread it evenly. 

8. Peel your apples and slice them. Thinner slices will cook really soft and thicker will retain a bit of a bite. Choice is yours. 

9. Add the apple slices in rows on top of the dough.

10. Sprinkle with sugar and ground cinnamon to taste. 

11. Bake for 17 to 20 minutes on the second from the bottom shelf in the oven until nicely golden. 

12. Let it cool and serve in slices. 

You can store the remaining apple pie in slices in a airtight container or even freeze them by placing a parchment paper in between the slices to stop them sticking together. 


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